Personal development, coaching and life coaches in the Algarve

Life coaching

Life coaching is an incredible tool used to facilitate an individual in identifying and achieving their goals. Your coach is an objective outsider who will listen to you without prejudices and be completely present with you, helping you to look at yourself and let you find your own solutions. At Monte Rosa we have several life coaches at hand to help you to fulfil your dreams.

Nanette Kant

Life coach Nanette Kant offers inspiring coaching and counselling programs in the nature of Portugal and the Netherlands. She organises spiritual holiday retreats in beautiful locations in the south of Portugal, facilitates workshops and courses called Coaching in Nature and is an excellent sparring partner/coach for those who would like to start their own business.

Do you feel as though you are moving in negative circles? Are things getting on top of you?

Would you like to be more yourself in relation to others?

Are you starting a new business and need to shape your course?

Would you like to leave things behind and start all over?

Maybe it is time to get yourself in motion. Literally.

Nanette Kant is a life coach and counsellor offering guidance whilst walking in nature. During one or more walks she can help you, step by step, to get a clear view on your situation. Using symbols in the environment, she will teach you to overcome blockages in order to actually get you where you want to be.

She has a firm belief that in every person lays an enormous potential and will do everything she can to make that potential visible so that at the end, you yourself, from your inner power, can create the life you desire.

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Let the donkeys tell you .....

It is a truly unique experience to spend time with these calm, patient and good natured animals. In this judgement free environment you will find that quality time can help you to be at one with your emotions and that these will be reflected to you in the company of these lovely creatures. People often make many personal discoveries during these sessions and will find that the most relevant don-KEY words are: a new experience, open mind, relax, happiness and laughter. Most of all you befriend our donkeys and your visit is a welcomed experience and purpose in their lives.
Sessions are 1-1.5 hours and a picture is included in your visit.

Contact Inge de Haan, 00351 966 17 06 09

Donkeys as co-coach

Discover answers on questions or gain insights into personal issues. The authentic feedback the donkeys give and the support of Inge as your coach is often a powerful tool in the process of awareness; new possibilities and choices can be revealed. Don-KEY Words in coaching are: confidence, awareness, relax, acceptance and changes. The only requirement from you is an open heart.

Sessions are individual for 2 hours and a picture is included.

Also available are guided walks in nature, with or without donkeys and moonlight walks.

Sessions can be offered in English, Dutch, Portuguese and German.

Contact Inge de Haan, 00351 966 17 06 09

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