Starting 1st of November 2024, Monte Rosa aims to establish a sustainable cohousing project with common use of spaces and facilities and with some shared activities. We intend to create a caring environment, where a feeling of connection will go together with respect for each other’s privacy. During the months January and February of 2024 there is the opportunity for those who seriously want to try out our future cohousing project to rent accommodation for a minimum of 2 weeks, with a 20% discount



Welcome to a 5-month community living (‘cohousing’) experience in the Algarve from November 1st, 2024, to March 31st, 2025

The Monte Rosa co-housing project asks for a 5-month commitment to a common ground. We envision a community to liberate our innermost potential and ignite a positive change in the world. As ‘neighbors’ we want to combine social engagement with privacy protection. We are looking for inspiring, like-minded people with a good sense of responsibility to enter into this 5-month trial period of co-living with respect for one another’s privacy.

Besides the disposal over your own private home housing area, also several spaces of the 2,8 ha property will be shared, such as the swimming pool, the ’round house’ for activities, the land with fruit trees, the BBQ, the gardens, a communal area with a self-service bar, the chickens, the tool shed, and the laundry area with sheets and towels, washing machines, and cleaning equipment. This will allow your own home to be more compact.

To give an impression of our core values: we want to stimulate one another to a healthy lifestyle, focus on sustainability, do some ‘inner listening’ through meditation to create authenticity, where we are open for connection, have respect for privacy, caring for one another and communicate with each other as clear as we can. We see work as ‘love in action’ and feel dedicated to the common vision. We want to create an emotionally safe and joyful environment, with a place for personal development and the opportunity for (trauma) healing.

Weekly there will be two regular activities: a nonjudgmental sharing circle and a 2-hour gathering to do gardening, maintenance, seeding, pruning, harvesting, etc., using this also for socializing with a cup of tea. Organically other common activities can be organized such as hiking, yoga, meditation, beach or forest walks or simply evenings sitting by the fire sparring on topics of interest or watching movies.

This is an experiment with commitment, where we intend to get to know one another to possibly continue this journey together from 1st of April 2025 onwards as a permanent intentional community.

In February 2025 we will decide who will remain with the serious intention to make a future living at Monte Rosa, possibly with work opportunities to make yourself a living. We can create subsidized agriculture projects, offering healing- or wellness sessions, organize small retreats on personal development and offer catering. The position as manager of the remaining guest department is also available.

We see possibilities to make Monte Rosa your permanent home through investment options (shared ownership of Monte Rosa) or through half-yearly rental contracts that can be extended.

Although we love children, during this project we give priority to participants without. This is in order to consciously offer a quiet environment to enjoy a quiet life, with space for reflection to stay in tune with yourself in this increasingly confusing world. We invite digital nomads, writers, artists, hikers, cyclists, surfers, and others who want to surround themselves with nature and with kind, quiet people. We will allow a max of three dogs on the land who must be cat-friendly and well-socialized as well.

Amenities such as electricity use, water, pool, wifi, firewood, the use of bikes, use of tools, and washing machine are included in the price below. For those who need extra strong and reliable internet, a personal router is available for €1 per day.


Rental options from November 16th, 2023 to February 15th 2024, including the use of the listed facilities Rental options from November 1st, 2024, to March 31st, 2025, including the use of the listed amenities.

Prices per month:

Accommodation 1 person 2 persons 3 persons
Studio 2 €1.200 €1.400
House 3 €1.600 €1.800
Room 4 €1.200 €1.400
Room 6 €1.200 €1.300
House 7 €1.600 €1.800
House 8 €1.600

*Please note all amenities such as water, lights, etc are included in pricing


If you feel attracted to our vision and share the common ground, we invite you to express your interest in joining this 5-month experiment of co-housing.

You can express your interest in participating in this 5-month pilot “co-housing” project by writing us an e-mail, describing your motivation: You are also welcome to book a 1-week stay prior to making your decision at a 20% discounted rate from June 1-8, 2024, to feel if the Monte Rosa cohousing project would suit you.

Payment: for definite participation in this project, we ask for a non-refundable bank transfer in our bank account of the rent for 2 months.

In January or February 2024, we offer a 20% discount on our regular pricing if you want to experiment with communal living for a minimum of 2 weeks.

We look forward to building something unique together!