Starting January 1st until February 28th, 2025, Monte Rosa (Algarve, Portugal) aims to establish again a sustainable “co-housing” project with some shared activities and common use of areas and facilities. We intend to create a caring environment, with respect for each other’s privacy. You can extend your stay by coming earlier or staying longer. The final intention is to create a community for permanent living at Monte Rosa, either by renting or by investment.


Welcome to a 2-month community living (‘cohousing’) experience in the Algarve from January 1st until February 28th, 2025

We aim to start a 2-month co-housing project with responsible, like-minded people who want to create an atmosphere of care for one another and inspire each other while protecting privacy. We will share the use of spaces and facilities such as the round house, swimming pool, the land with fruit trees and an organic vegetable garden, the tool shed, the BBQ, and some bikes.


The Monte Rosa co-housing project is for and by the residents during these 2 months, with the option for permanent living after this experience, either by renting or investing. We agree on a common ground where social engagement and privacy protection are combined. We want to create an atmosphere where everyone can thrive, and we share common interests, such as the mission to build a sustainable world.


Several spaces are shared, allowing your own home to be more compact. Some core values are sustainability, a healthy lifestyle, care for one another, respect for privacy, honest communication, inner listening, authenticity, openness for connection, and mindfulness. Some of us are interested in yoga, breathwork, plant medicine and meditation.


We intend to share responsibility for our gardens, the chickens, and some general maintenance. Every week, there will be a 2-hour sharing circle, and organically, other activities can be organized by those who want, such as hiking, yoga, meditation, watching a video or a movie, listening to a podcast, etc. Basic amenities such as electricity, water, wifi, and firewood are included in the price. Those who need extra strong and reliable internet can get a personal router that you can take everywhere, costing approximately €30 per month.


We are looking for some inspiring, like-minded people/couples with a good sense of responsibility to enter into a trial period of co-living. This is an experiment where we intend to get to know one another to possibly continue the journey together. Core values that give an impression of the objective: healthy lifestyle, attention to sustainability, living from the heart (‘inner listening’), authenticity, honesty, openness for connection, respect for privacy, and ‘work as love in action’.



Rental options from January 1st to February 28th 2025,
including the use of the listed facilities

Prices per month:

Accommodation 1 person 2 persons 3 persons
Studio 2 €1.400 €1.600
House 3 €1.800 €2.000
Room 4 Booked Booked
Room 6 €1.400 €1.600
House 7 €1.700 €1.900
House 8 €1.700

*Please note all amenities such as water, lights, etc are included in pricing


Future Perspective:

For the future, we see possibilities to make Monte Rosa your home through investment options in a condominium-style construction, where we share the common area, and you own a private part. Another option is making half-yearly rental agreements.


During this exclusive trial period, we want to get to know each other and discover if there is a connection as a basis for continuing this project. Although we love children and dogs, during this project, we give priority to people without them. This is in order to consciously offer a quiet environment with the possibility to do yoga and meditation, to reflect and stay in tune with yourself in this increasingly confusing world. We are thinking of digital nomads, writers, artists, hikers, cyclists, surfers, and others who want to surround themselves with nature and with kind, quiet people.


If you feel attracted to our vision and share the common ground, we invite you to express your interest in this 2-month “co-housing” project from January 1st until February 2025 by sending us an email at