Take time for yourself to relax, regroup and rebalance with massage, homeopathy, fitness and sauna.

Integrative Bodywork with Carl Zimmerling

Integrative Bodywork addresses and integrates the physical, energetic and emotional levels. It is deeply relaxing and truly invigorating. It creates a feeling of lightness and inner space and encourages ease of movement.

Chronic muscle tension not only inhibits movements but also restricts breathing and the free flow of energy or chi. This gives rise to emotional and creative blocks as well as physical problems. These blocks are addressed on the energetic level by focusing on energy distribution, balance and release. As a result the energy will move more freely through the body.

As energy flow increases, our body tensions begin to soften. That leads to a clear sense of consciousness and a greater capacity for contact and inner joy.

This massage is given by Carl Zimmerling, massage therapist and long time practicioner of Zazen and Tai Ji Quan The bodywork session costs 50 euros and will be given in the dojo, 0,5 km from Monte Rosa for at least 1 hour but usually a bit longer.


Through homeopathy you can build your connection to your inner emotional or physical wellbeing. The right remedy can touch the root of a problem, give insight, bring out the best of you and stimulate the self healing system. Homoeopathist Inge will help to identify the remedy that is most fitting to help you revitalize. Inge


Monte Rosa has a mini gym with a spinning bicycle and cross training machine by the pool which you can use freely to keep you fit and toned during your visit.

In Lagos you will find several luxurious sport centres with warmed swimming pools and excellent fitness equipment should you require more extensive training during your stay.


There are various options to visit a sauna in this area and in Lagos. Please ask our team for more information on local saunas.

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