Mini sabbatical (possible from half October till half April): Centre yourself with yoga, massage, coaching, walking, meditating and exploring your creativity.

We live in a modern society where people are often too busy. Everything has to be quick, efficient, done immediately and with a purpose. But what is the purpose? That is what we often forget or are unable to decipher. We are so occupied, we often think we are totally irreplaceable, indispensible and continue to be stuck in lifestyles that are actually not pleasing us at all.

It's important to realise that "they" can easily manage a week without you. Every now and then allow yourself a retreat to centre yourself, get new inspiration and become aware of your true goals and dreams. Your mini sabbatical awaits you!

Monte Rosa is a perfect place to relax and feel pampered. If you would like to you can get guidance from a coach to help you (re)discover your goals. Ask yourself "what is it that truly makes me happy?" or "what am I truly about?"

Come over for a retreat and give yourself your full time and attention to nurture your inner being and discover your needs and desires. Below we offer some useful suggestions and options so that you can tailor make the perfect retreat to suit your personal requirements:

  • We can offer an all inclusive package during your stay. Let us look after your meals so you have time for reflection, meditation and to get yourself organized. In the morning we can arrange a room service breakfast for you with warm bread or muesli yoghurt and fruit, you can order a packed lunch for the afternoon and in the evening we can cook you a healthy and tasty meal. From April to September you can choose to participate at the common dinner available to all guests if you wish to socialise a little too.
  • Rebalance your mind, body and centre with yoga lessons suitable for all levels which are available three times a week at 7 euro for an hour and a half class.
  • It often helps to take time to reflect, clarify your objectives and remember what is significant to you. On your request we can supply a diary for you to write down and gain clarity on what you truly want.
  • We have some excellent trained coaches/counsellors available to talk to who can guide you and provide you with some useful tools to help you to make the right decisions. Our counsellor will lend a supportive and attentive ear at 20 euro for 45 minutes. We also recommend donkey motion sessions and walking trips with our Dutch coach Inge.
  • Enjoy meditation under the impressive trees on the property or in the Round House if it is not in use.
  • You can choose to go hiking with one of our 15 road descriptions
  • If you like you can help us with gardening which is an effective way to focus and relax the brain whilst integrating with nature.
  • Relieve your aches and tensions with one of our numerous techniques of massage such as such as Shiatsu or Ayurvedic massage.
  • o Rediscover and nurture your creativity by booking a painting class to enlighten new aspects of yourself.

The purpose of this week is to get new convictions that may stimulate you to come to constructive action.

We can offer you a half board week with basic accommodation in a single room for 525 euros. In July and August there is a supplement of 50 euros per week. If you would like an extended sabbatical you will receive a 10% discount from the 3rd week onwards.

Depending on your time of arrival we will welcome you with coffee and cake.

Choose your own lifestyle, come for a mini sabbatical retreat!

massage by Sophia heerlijk gemasseerd worden kurkeik in het kurkeikenbos bij  Monte Rosa in de Algarve
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