### Horse riding in the Algarve

Horse riding near Monte Rosa

Holistic riding on Monte Velho

On the beautiful organic farm Monte Velho you can participate in many different activities involving horse riding. The owners have more than 20 years experience and help you to explore the balance and harmony within nature through the movement of horses.

Their programmes include 1 to 3 hour trail rides, day trips, holistic lessons, children camps, yoga + riding, moonlight rides and more.

During your chosen programme you will learn about body language as a means of communication, fear free learning and (re)connecting with your inner centre, relationship training with the horse and general respect and responsible horse treatment.

For more information you can visit the homepage: www.holistic-riding.com

Horse Riding at Quinta Paraiso Alto

Quinta Paraiso Alto offer beginner or advanced courses which are given by qualified instructors. There are many options you can choose from starting from a one hour ride or even participating in a 4 day course. There is the option of moonlight rides, restaurant rides and overnight stopovers with horses to suit all levels. After the ride you can go for a swim in the pool.

The "Quinta" is situated 7 km from Monte Rosa.

See the website: qpahorseriding

horseriding from Monte Rosa
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