Fado evenings and beach bars in Lagos

Fado evening

Every Tuesday night you can have a lovely dinner in the local Portuguese restaurant Cangalho and enjoy live traditional Fado music.

To get an impression of the Portuguese culture and "saudade" this night is a must.

The Lagos Cultural Centre has a monthly programme of concerts which are varied and of excellent quality. Please see their website centroculturaldelagos.wordpress.com.

Life music at the Bahia Beach Bar

Every Sunday from 6.30 pm there is live music in the Bahia Bar on Meia Praia beach.
You can eat there, relax in the sand, sway to nice music and walk along the beach.

Singing on Monte Rosa with Teresa Verney

19th - 26th April 2016

This will be a fabulous week of singing and exploring a local region of the Algarve in Portugal that is unspoiled by the tourist industry. I will teach a wide selection of songs from around the world, and we will be exploring some of the enormous potential of the human voice, through simple improvisation. I will teach everything aurally so there is no need to read music, and I will give support and help to those who are less confident with their singing voice. As a balance to this we will be using silence to enhance the experience of making sound.

On Saturday 23rd April 2.30pm till 5.00pm Glorious harmony songs from around the world all taught by ear, no experience needed. &eur; 10 to include singing, tea and cake.

For more information see: website teresa

Fado evening life music at the Bahia Bar Sing Away met Teresa Verney
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