Our vision about sustainability, mindfulness and holistic living

Peace and tranquility

Monte Rosa is a place to enjoy nature, peace and tranquillity. Our aim is to offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which you get the opportunity to centre yourself and relax from daily stresses. We like to provide a spontaneous meeting place in which new contacts may inspire you. The outdoor terrace next to the common room often turns into a cosy place for relaxed social gatherings in the evening.


We pride ourselves on contributing towards a positive and sustainable future for the planet by respecting and protecting nature and ask our guests to demonstrate the same ecological attitude. We see it as important that we all take part in protecting the environment. Every individual can make a difference! Solar energy is being used to supply hot water, which has proven to be most effective. Our own bio garden supplies us with natural vegetables, herbs and fruits and we our chickens have a lovely life in the open air.

Quality of life

We believe there is a growing consciousness that quality of life is not only dependant on material well being, but has to do with being able to develop our full potential and do the things we enjoy most. We acknowledge respectful contact with one another as a basis for a peaceful life and future. Our ethos is to live in the moment, paying attention here and now and act with awareness and pleasure. We like to show gratefulness for all the good things the earth has given us.

About spirituality

We are often asked if we are a 'spiritual' guesthouse. We'd rather say that we support a holistic and healthy lifestyle and enjoy to live with mindfulness. We have no dogma's and we accept every individual for who he/she is in this very moment. What we mainly enjoy is to see you at ease! Then you will find your own 'spirituality', whatever that may be.

Activities, yoga and meditation

We can help you finding and booking the activities you enjoy, e.g. hiking, biking, surf, horseriding, canoeing, stand up peddle, drum, kirtan singing. massage and painting, to name but a few. There are many activities available in the area so please let us know if you require assistance in organising any of them. If you like to nurture yourself through practicing yoga or meditation you can use the roundhouse or participate in weekly lessons.


We love children and enjoy their open attitude and spontaneous joy. Keeping with our ethos, we request that all children demonstrate respect towards one another, towards adults, the animals and to the environment. We ask parents and children to be aware that we have noise limits to protect our peaceful environment. Children can enjoy the play garden, games (jeu de boules, chess and others), books, videos and clothes to dress up and play.

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